Helping people

Song is about John Armfield Shepherd, telling John to trusting God. Also song is about God heal him and God to heal his pain.   

Matthew ideas stop getting stressed

1: one idea strees from happen is put some music that relaxes it may be chillout, rock, dance or ballands.
2: write things down strees you out or make into poam. Or could make it song.
3: find someone like do as activity
4: if get worst talk friends or family
5; you go talk a counsellor about strees would best because stop worst.

My Matthew Worsfold way of life

I feel I love People who there are and what ever colour, religion or background. We should get together help each other out and even if their times that we problem we should be there for each other.

This video ex soldier with lost ability in legs and back. This video helped not give up and help to achieve I do with my life.  

This video tell you what do if you can’t meet a guy and lady on the video give you advice on how to  find a man in 99 days. She also tells about bad can go wrong if you meet guys to soon and also the bad things that can go wrong.

I have problems in the past with relationships because i myself have rushed and not thought things through my head.  

This video will help give you advice to take your time.   

This program about john who has tourettes and the program will help if know someone has tourettes and help give you advice or if are living with anyone with tourettes this tell you what to do.

I find this great video  about John on youtube because helped to understand the problem john was facing in his life and tells about tourettes. This can help others to think twice about judging anyone with tourettes. 

I think it is a problem gay and lesbian are judged for who are they are in religious places and outside. 

This me at SyPC ( Slough Young Peoples Centre)

This me at SyPC ( Slough Young Peoples Centre)

All you need is Love
The Beatles